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The Ethical Basis of Publiks Inc


The Founding and Governing Code of Ethics delineated below (also known as “The Publiks Principles”) were developed as a primary means to reflect and continue Publiks Inc’s originating mission and purposes. They shall be adhered to by a wide range of associated individuals and communities ― including but not limited to board and committee members, officers, leadership, management, staff, employees, volunteers, representatives, agents, collaborators, partners, and visitors and users of Publiks Sites, Products and Services ― as they work in their capacity to establish, further develop, operate, collaborate with, carry out the mission and purposes of, and also visit, use and participate in the Sites, Products and Services of Publiks Inc.

These individuals and communities are, for reasons explained below, to understand and accept the Publiks Principles whenever they work with, for, or on behalf of Publiks Inc.

A History of Ethical Benefit

Publiks Inc was originally developed by Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku as part of work that also resulted in his founding of The Ikoku Charitable Trusts and The Ikoku Foundations. As a distinct corporate entity, Publiks Inc nevertheless shares with The Ikoku Trusts and Foundations, as well as The Ikoku Group, an essential, core ethical basis for public benefit purposes that are related to its corporate mission.

A Related Mission

That related mission has been to increase knowledge about, foster, and inform global interrelationships among peoples and societies in Africa and those in the Americas, Asia, Australasia-Oceania, and Europe. We emphasize improvements in the rigor and accuracy of public awareness of differing peoples, which requires the people we serve to participate in genuine co-education, to discover and strengthen local and global communities they belong to, to engage in dialogue, collaboration and cooperation within those communities, and, eventually, to become better, more informed and more effective in communal and civic participation.

The Most Robust Conceptions

For the above reasons, the Publiks Principles reflect an approach that overlaps with that of The Ikoku Charitable Trusts and The Ikoku Foundations: in taking as a fundamental basis for corporate ethics the most robust conceptions of respect, humanity, human rights, and civil liberties, including and beyond what the law has protected and provided for, in the local and global settings where the peoples of Publiks Inc live, move through, and work.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to this basis for ethics is strong and we ensure that the various peoples of Publiks Inc are selected and guided in keeping with it, and that any decisions or actions taken on behalf of Publiks Inc or during the operations of and participation in Publiks Sites, Products, and Services are made free of any violations or activities that run counter to its ethos.

Further Considerations

Your Knowledge and Agreement

As explained in prior sections of this site, Publiks Inc is administered, managed and operated by and via The Publiks Group — itself a division of The Ikoku Group. And we furthermore strongly recommend that you continue to develop and maintain your knowledge of all our Codes and Policies. We therefore ask you to read, understand and regularly visit this page and other communications regarding the Founding Code of Ethics, as well as the Codes and Policies of The Ikoku Group. We take your continued visiting and use of our Sites, Products and Services as active indication of your knowledge, understanding, legally binding acceptance and agreement.

Your Corporate and User Responsibility

To protect the rights of The Ikoku Group — as well as our capacity to fulfill our general duties, functions, purposes and founding mission — we require all natural and legal persons concerned to read, understand, abide by and, where applicable, sign contracts and agreements delineated and described in our Corporate Responsibility Policy.

We remind you that our Corporate Responsibility Policy forms part of the User Agreement and Code of Conduct. Thus, we take your continued visiting and use of our Sites, Products and Services as active indication of your legally binding acceptance of the Policy as well as our Codes and Policies.

Your Questions and Feedback

Please contact with any feedback, issues or questions — which will be addressed by the President and CEO, Alvan Azinna Ikoku.

Your Reporting of Violations

If you detect, notice or are informed of a possible breach or violation of this Policy or any of these Codes and Policies, please contact with any details you have — which will be addressed by the President, CEO and Chair, Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku.

The Definitions

As with all our official documents, materials, policies and statements, definitions for terms used here can be found in our general Codes and Policies page. Where duties, expectations, freedoms, principles, rights, responsibilities, standards as well as means, measures, methods and practices are referred to, they are as delineated and described in these Codes and Policies. And unless the context otherwise clearly indicates, words used in the singular include the plural, and the plural includes the singular.

Please do continue with the Code via further reading below.

The Publiks Principles


Our Founding and Governing Code of Ethics (also known as “The Publiks Principles”) is provided below.

Individual and Collective Integrity

Individual and Collective Integrity — To act with honesty, integrity, and openness in all dealings within and with Publiks Inc. Publiks Inc shall promote a working environment that values respect, fairness, dignity, humanity, and integrity.


Mission — To carry out Publiks Inc’s originating mission and purposes. All programs shall support that mission and all who work for or on behalf of Publiks Inc shall understand and be loyal to said mission and purposes. The mission shall be responsive to the constituency and communities served by Publiks Inc.


Governance — To have an active governing body that is responsible for setting Publiks Inc’s strategic directions as well as oversight of its finances, operations, and policies.

Responsible Stewardship

Responsible Stewardship — To manage all assets and properties of Publiks Inc both responsibly and prudently — as described in fiduciary duties delineated in Agreements, Articles, ByLaws, Certificates, Trusts, Codes and Policies of Publiks Inc, The Publiks Group and The Ikoku Group — and to also guide the people and communities of Publiks Inc in accordance with these Principles’ overarching ethics.


Independence — To hold independence to be crucial to the fulfillment of the mission and purposes of Publiks Inc.

Nongovernmental, Nonpartisan, Nonreligious Nature

Nongovernmental, Nonpartisan, Nonreligious Nature — To hold the nongovernmental, nonpartisan, nonreligious and private nature and status of Publiks Inc to be not simply a matter of corporate, financial and legal policy adherence and prudence, but also essential to fulfilling the mission and purposes of Publiks Inc.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy and Confidentiality — To foreground the central importance of privacy, in the most robust conceptions of respect, humanity, dignity, and civil liberties that inspired Publiks Inc’s founding. And to consider the privacy of personal life as well as confidential and personal information to be essential to the fulfillment of any aspect of Publiks Inc’s mission or corporate, private or public benefit purposes, permitting, as a minimum, no violation of privacy that is either unlawful or without prior, express and written consent, and no access to, use of, or disclosure of any confidential or personal information that is either unlawful or without the prior, express and written consent of the original owner of the confidential or personal information.

To that end, no one, as part of the establishment, development, operation, or evaluation of Publiks Inc, shall access, permit the use of, disclose, or permit the disclosure to any third party of any confidential or personal information, either during such person’s tenure with us or at any time before or thereafter, in a manner that is unlawful or without prior, express and written consent of the original owner of the confidential or personal information. Similarly, no one shall be permitted to access, disclose, or use confidential or personal information in a manner that violates privacy laws in California, Delaware, the United States, or other Nations, as they now exist or as they may hereafter be amended.

Reasonable Transparency

Reasonable Transparency — To also provide, where required, reasonable and timely information to the communities served by Publiks Inc. To be responsive in a timely manner to reasonable requests for information. And to have such published information accurately and honestly reflect policies and practices. Solicitation materials and financial, organizational and program reports will be accurate and complete in all required respects

Inclusiveness and Diversity

Inclusiveness and Diversity — To maintain a founding policy of promoting inclusiveness, and to make sure that boards, committees, leadership, staff, and volunteers reflect the diversity of the communities Publiks Inc serves. To take genuine and meaningful steps to promote inclusion in hiring, retention, promotion, board and committee recruitment, and in the communities to be reached and benefitted.

Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation — To regularly and respectfully review program effectiveness, to develop lawful, respectful, and previously and expressly consented mechanisms to do so, and to in this manner incorporate lessons learned into existing and future programs.

Informed, Consented and Ethical Research and Care

Informed, Consented and Ethical Research and Care — To associate with, fund, and engage only in experimentation, research, and treatment that meets the most robust definitions of fully informed, continually consented and ethical research and care. Publiks Inc shall only support work that abides by the strictest, most humane and most respectful interpretations of the Belmont Report, the Declaration of Helsinki, the Nuremburg Code, and the United Nations Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights.

Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance — To remain knowledgeable of and comply with all laws, regulations, and applicable international conventions, subject to full access to and benefit of legal, financial and other professional counsel that is not compromised by the efforts of any individual or entity, private, governmental or otherwise.


Accessibility — To endeavor that the communities Publiks Inc fosters and serves be available to all who abide by this Code of Ethics, regardless of geopolitical boundaries, disability, and notions of human, cultural and social difference.

Duty to Report and Inform

Duty to Report and Inform — To ensure that the work of Publiks Inc reflect their originating inspiration, intent, mission, as well as corporate, private, and public benefit purposes by honorably carrying out a duty to promptly report and fully inform the Founder, the President, and the Directors of Publiks Inc of any departure from or violation of this Code of Ethics.

No Action in Conflict or Inconsistent with Code of Ethics, Consent, and Protection

No Action in Conflict or Inconsistent with Code of Ethics, Consent, and Protection — Finally, under no circumstances shall any action, activity, decision, operations, or resolution of or with Publiks Inc, including any conducted while meeting any fiduciary duties or standards of care or conduct, appear to be inconsistent with or come into conflict with:

(a) any provision of applicable state, federal or international law;

(b) the most robust protections of privacy and confidentiality and the strictest interpretations of privacy and confidentiality laws, as they are delineated in state, federal and international statutes and in the Agreements, Articles, ByLaws, Certificates, Trusts, and Codes and Policies of Publiks Inc, The Publiks Group and The Ikoku Group;

(c) the need for obtaining and maintaining express, written consent for any evaluations or proceedings and for providing regular, clear, written and fully informing signed reports of such evaluations and proceedings to all parties involved; or

(d) any provision of the above Founding and Governing Code of Ethics and the ByLaws of Publiks Inc.


We hope that these Publiks Principles and Governing Code of Ethics are clear to you — and would gladly address questions or concerns you may send to

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Core and Associated Policies


As mentioned in our Policies page, The Ikoku Group User Agreement and Code of Conduct consist of several Codes and Policies that collectively govern all of your activity with, within, for, or pertaining to The Ikoku Group (as well as its divisions, series, subsidiaries, and affiliates). By continuing, you indicate that you understand that these associated Codes and Policies include — but are not limited to — the Founding and Governing Code of Ethics, the Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality, the Terms and Conditions of Use and Service, and the Acceptable Use Policy along with all Associated Codes and Policies.

We provide access to all these below.

Founding Code of Ethics

Founding Code of Ethics (HTML and PDF)

Privacy and Confidentiality

Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality (HTML and PDF)

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use and Service (HTML and PDF)

Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy (HTML and PDF)

All Associated Policies

All Associated Policies (HTML and PDF)

Much of the principles, statements and tenets found in the Associated Codes and Policies are included either explicitly or by extension in the Core Codes and Policies. But they are worth articulating separately, for the purposes of clarity, detail, and reproducible community ethos and standards.


*Note: Please see our main Policies page for our notice on conditions incompatible with the founding and mission of The Ikoku Group.

Ethics at the Company, in Company

The Codes and Policies above reflect a core emphasis of our founding and overarching mission. They inform our work and every effort to achieve benefit, impact and success in the communities we serve. The result, therefore, are three features evident in the company, its products, services, sites, and most importantly, its people:


The Ikoku Group as Ethical Communities

Our policies are adhered to by a range of individuals and communities, the people of The Ikoku Group, who work in their capacity to establish, develop, and participate in a private company dedicated to fostering care and creativity, ethics and innovation.


Built and Peopled with Respect in Mind

Who take as their basis the most robust conceptions of respect, rights and civil liberties, humanity, integrity, and responsibility, up to and beyond what the law protects and provides for. As they carry out and embody the mission and purposes of The Ikoku Group.


In Spaces that are Safe, Secure, and Collaborative

And who also join in our ongoing efforts to ensure that The Ikoku Group and its Sites, Products and Services remain active, collaborative, safe and secure places to do our work, to express and discuss, to teach and learn, to form, inform and even alter our local and global communities

More About Us

The Publiks Group

The Ikoku Group was formed to foster care and creativity, ethics and innovation in work and communities of enduring concern to its founder, Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku, and partners.

— About Us

Mission, Scope, Founder

Founded as a US limited liability company, The Ikoku Group is engaged in work that is both domestic and international in scope, concerned as it is with offering services to communities and entities located across borders.

— Founding & Governance

Nature, Leadership, Ethics

The Ikoku Group is governed by its Founder‘s Agreement, by its Founding Ethics, and by a set of associated Policies — each thoughtfully derived from the above and collectively constituting the Group governance documents.

— Policies

Agreement, Laws, Terms, Conditions

Where available, The Group provides updates on news, events and media coverage pertaining to its operation, development, work, and communities.

— Press & Media

News, Events, Coverage

Where appropriate, The Group also provides alerts, newsletters and periodic reports for those who wish to sign up for, receive them — and thus become more deeply informed of recent developments and our past and ongoing work.

— Reports

Alerts, Newsletters, Periodicals

Those interested in its mission, objectives and work may contact The Ikoku Group for positions in its management, employee and contributing staff, and board and committee membership. A career at The Group will likely be deeply rewarding.

— Careers at The Ikoku Group

Boards, Jobs, Contributions