A Private Company Enhancing the Public


At Publiks we think deeply and creatively about ways to shape and enhance the public interest — in the present as well as in the emerging and reasonably distant future. We often choose to do so through the meeting of culture, education, media and technology, because at our current moment, they produce some of the more remarkable conduits for views and voices, as they course through local and global publics across the world.

Our Goal

Our goal is to capture and foster such flows, in its innate expressiveness, disruptive questioning, and ultimately human effort to improve self and society. Our range and concerns are resolutely global and intimately local. And they need to be, as we do our best to improve the public awareness, public knowledge and public interest of a diverse though essentially common peoples, each living in an unprecedentedly international age.

Our Mission

Thus our main corporate mission for Publiks Inc — as expressly established by the Founder and President, Alvan A Ikoku — has been to enhance public awareness, public knowledge, the public interest and local and global interrelationships concerning societies in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

Our Ethics

As a private company currently doing work with the public through the internet and its technologies, it is part of our mission to ensure that the innovations we develop and use have an ethical effect on, and hopefully an ethical benefit for, the communities we help foster and serve. This ethical objective is essential to our work within The Ikoku Group — and through a fellow division, The Ikoku Philanthropies, with The Ikoku Charitable Trusts and The Ikoku Foundations — all of which share a desire to account for the past while shaping a just and shared future.

Our Commitment

The commitment also drives us to find and assess ways to improve the reach of public education, the rigor of societal analysis, the transformative potential of public dialogue, and the ever-increasing capacity for civic participation — in any form they may take in the local and global communities we touch, help grow, and possibly transform.

Close Up of Sharpened Heads of Multi-Colored Pencils
Audience, Lajeado, RS, Brasil, April 2020 (Lucas George Wendt)

Scope and Emphasis


Since the company’s establishment in 2017, one of our overarching purposes has been to foster, improve, increase and inform information, knowledge and interrelationships concerning people, communities and societies in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

Scope Beyond Borders

So though Publiks and the Founder, Alvan Azinna Ikoku, are headquartered in the United States, our scope extends beyond borders — to facilitate the exchange of rigorous and elucidating education, information, knowledge and engagement within and across local and global publics.

To Help Discover and Strengthen

Our emphases, therefore, have included the discovery of new global communities, as well as the strengthening of those to which we already belong. We aim to do both through thoughtful conversation and collective education, respectful collaboration and cooperation, and, eventually, enhanced communal and civic participation.

Private and Public Spaces

And we do such work in public as well as private spaces — created, fostered and respected by Publiks Inc and The Publiks Group, and by people who work for both company entities, as well as visit and use our Products and Services. These public and private spaces, each respected as sacrosanct, are key to the work we do, since they are deeply connected to the individual, communal, local, regional, national, global affiliations we depend on, maintain and cherish during our daily lives.

Community, September 2019 (Pierre Basin)
Community, September 2019 (Pierre Basin)
Conversation, December 2017 (Shwetangi Gupta)
Conversation, December 2017 (Shwetangi Gupta)
Cast, January 2018 (Avi)
Cast, January 2018 (Avi)

Site and Process

Thus, as a primary means for ensuring our mission and purposes are fulfilled, we offer a range of Publiks Products and Services, and Publiks Sites, mainly through Publiks.Org and its associated domains — created and developed as a cohesive, integrated platform — where content, technologies, operations and user interfaces are carefully designed, implemented and periodically reviewed according to three core principles:


Communal, Private and Public Spaces

We develop, adapt and use technology to create user and visitor profiles and spaces that can be communal, private or public in nature. Where our visitors and users may think actively about its membership in a range of communities they belong to, discover or may join. And where they may consider, examine, question, re-affirm or reform its ongoing roles in communities and societies they live in — both on and beyond the internet.


Information and Knowledge

We gather and provide fact-based information, careful research and knowledge-grounded opinion. To make our communal, private and public spaces informative, inspiring, knowledge-generating and thought-provoking, as well as useful. For all of our visitors. As they attempt to improve its lives and discuss its present and future roles in society.


Connection and Conversation

And at the heart of what we help moderate and provide is dialogue — the kind that results from increased knowledge, public awareness and interest, the kind that fosters creative ideas for addressing long-standing problems, and the kind that eventually leads to the mutual understanding needed to collectively improve societies.

More About Us

The Publiks Group

Publiks Inc and The Publiks Group were formed by the Founder, Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku, to foster and improve public awareness, public knowledge, the public interest and global interrelationships concerning societies in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

— About Us

Mission, Scope, Founder

Founded as private and independent company entities, Publiks Inc and The Publiks Group are engaged in work that is both domestic and international in scope, concerned as they are with offering services to communities and entities located across borders.

— Founding & Overview

Nature, Scope, Means

Publiks Inc and The Publiks Group are governed by the Founder‘s Agreement, Founding Ethics, ByLaws and a set of associated Policies — each thoughtfully derived from the above and collectively constituting the governance communities standards documents.

— Policies

Agreement, ByLaws, Terms

Publiks Inc and The Publiks Group provide updates on news, events and media coverage pertaining to its development, operations, work and resulting communities. Also provided are alerts, newsletters and periodic reports for those who wish to sign up and stay informed.

— Communications

Press, Newsletters, Reports

Those interested may contact The Publiks Group and Publiks Inc for positions and openings in management, employee and contributing staff, and collaborations and partnerships. A career doing work here will likely be deeply rewarding.

— Careers at Ikoku & Publiks

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